Sew Your Own Flannel and Fleece Cloth Doll Diapers

We’ve been busy in 2017 making doll clothes. With Christmas and a birthday already, Baby Alives and My Generation dolls have found homes with us. We’ve been sewing doll diapers out of cute flannel and fleece prints.

The doll my daughter lost her little mind over this past holiday season was the Baby Alive Super Snacks Snackin’ Sara Brunette.* She couldn’t wait to feed it play-doh type food and put her on a potty training schedule. And until her doll was potty-trained, it of course needed diapers.

This particular model isn’t meant to have liquid poured down its tiny mouth, so we needed something to catch the solids that would last us longer than the diapers you have to buy at the store. We figured we’d make our own!

Doll Diapers from One Little Project

Once you get started making these adorable cloth doll diapers from One Little Project, you won’t be able to make just one. You’ll make 4-6 of them, post them on social media, and then watch the informal orders just start rolling in!

Yes, I did make that!

Why yes, I’d be happy to make you some!

First, we assembled a fabric selection after printing out the pattern. Using bright, fun flannels for the outside and fleece for the inside makes for great cloth doll diapers. If you’re partial to owls, the Flannel Pink Flowered Owl Fabric Sold by the Yard* is a great choice.

flannel prints

I used Velcro Sew On Tape Roll* and cut off the amount I need:

sewing on velcro to a doll diaper

Then you just get started with making a few diapers…

a cloth doll diaper pattern and 2 diapers

…And it turns into all sorts of fun!

several cloth doll diapers
The guitar print is my favorite!

More Doll Diaper Resources

While I’ve made over 40 doll diapers throughout the years with the One Little Project tutorial, I’ve found some other resources you might want to explore.

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